2017                    Master of Arts, Raumstrategien (Spatial Strategies), at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Germany

                            >> Studied under the supervision of Prof. Alice Creischer and Prof. Andreas Siekman

2015                    Exchange student at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

2012 - 2013         Guest student, Berlin University of the Arts - class Hito Steyerl, Berlin, Germany.

2008 - 2012         Yotsuya Art Studium, Kinki University International Center for Human Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

2006                     Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design) at Sculpture, Faculty of Art & Design, Tokoha University, Shizuoka, Japan

Selected Solo Shows

2023                  Blood runs in our bodies / Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken gUG, Berlin, Germany

2018                  Figures / ex-embassy at Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft, Berlin, Germany
2018                Certainly Ambiguity / ex-embassy at Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft, Berlin, Germany
2017                  The Nuclear: Power and Family / Weißensee School of Art, Berlin, Germany

2015                  The human condition / IDFX, Breda, Holland
2015                  “A RECORDED WORLD”/ Neue Galerie Landshut, Landshut, Germany

2012                  Things that are essential to every day / Nishi Azabu, Tokyo, Japan
2012                  Can not see / Art Kageyama, Shizuoka, Japan

Selected Group Shows

2023                   Maebashi Media Festival 2023, Maebashi Media Festival, Maebashi, Japan

2022                   SUMMER ART SHOW 2022 - OPEN CALL, ATELIERHOF KREUZBERG, Berlin, Germany

2022                       International Short Film Program Blackout, Part of Exhibition “FILMRISS“ by ENDMORÄNE), Alten Kino, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

2020                   Screening at the Event "Feminists in Collective Practice" by Back and Forth Collective, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo , Tokyo, Japan

2019                   Transient Existence / Art Object Gallery, San Jose, CA, U.S.

2017                   Glocal (Global + Local ) Art and Design Exhibition in Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan

2016                   Abschlussausstellung der Bildhauerei, Malerei, Raumstrategien, Berlin, Germany/ Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin, Germany

2015                   Private Parts / GITTE BOHR, Berlin, Germany

2015                   Pay Off / Weißensee School of Art, Berlin, Germany

2015                   „NO to the Wall of Shame“-Migrantische Kämpfe in Calais / Versammlungsraum im Mehringhof, Berlin, Germany

2013                   “body | border | body” / Tokyo Wonder Site Exchange Residency Program, Berlin, Germany

2012                    Shizuoka Bremen Art Exchange Exhibition Project “DECWAS”/ Bremen, Germany

2011                    SHIZUOKA ART DOCUMENT / Old McKenzie House, Shizuoka, Japn

2011                    Picture and Picture / GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo, Japan

2011                    Wood Land Gallery 2011 / Minokamo City Musium, Gifu, Japan

2008                        Landscape Sculpture / GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo, Japan

Talk / Lecture / Workshop

2022                   Workshop “MIGHTIER THAN A TRAMPLED FLOWER”, Oyoun, Berlin, Germany


2021                   Image and Gender Conference “今、ジェンダー論争をふりかえる”, Tokyo,  Japan

2021                   Lecture at Space Design, Tokoha University, Shizuoka, Japan

2019                       Lecture at Modern Art Course, Hiroshima City University / Hiroshima, Japan

2019                       Lecture “Ecology and Feminism Art” at Osaka City University / Osaka, Japan

2019                       Lecture at Space Design, Tokoha University, Shizuoka, Japan

2019                       Lecture “Gender and identity politics in the contemporary U.S. and Germany" at Kumotohouki / Tokyo, Japan

2019                       Artist Talk and Panel Discussion, Environmental Arts Exhibition at Mission Cultural Center / SF⁣, U.S.

Selected Performances

2015                   Inventar der Ohnmacht directed by Edit Kaldor / HAU-Publication "The Power of  Powerlessness”

                           Participation as one performer / Berlin, Germany
2015                   Aktion Set / CAFE OTO, London, England
2015                   WIR GEBEN NICHT AUF ! - On lâche rien ! / HAU-Publication “100°Berlin Festival”HAU2 / Berlin, Germany

2014                   Aktion Set / Acker Festival Berlin Theater Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin, Germany
2014                   The Seminar 'Militant Examination “Tuesday is on Friday” / Kino BABYLON, Berlin, Germany

Prizes / Scholarships / Air

2022                   NEUSTART KULTUR-Stipendium, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn, Germany

2016                   GJA Awards, Edinburgh, Scotland

2015                   Erasmus Exchange Program Scholarships

Yukiko Nagakura (she/her) is an Interdisciplinary and Anti-Interdisciplinary Artist.

Yukiko was born in Shizuoka, Japan, and currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany. As a visual artist working on installation and performance, Yukiko’s interest include ecology and gender issues. After her school graduation, she gained a Bachelor’s degree in 2006 in "Sculpture" from Tokoha University, Shizuoka in Japan. In addition, Yukiko attended an art history and theory courses at Yotsuya Art Studium, Kinki University in Tokyo. Following the tragic nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011, the artist moved to Europe, where she spent another semester to further her academic knowledge and art skills as a guest student at Hito Steyerl’s class at UDK (University of Art, Berlin). In 2017 Yukiko completed a Master of Art under the supervision of Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann in Fine Art and Political theory at the department of Spatial Strategies at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin. During her postgraduate program, Yukiko took part in an Erasmus exchange program in 2015 where she studied photography at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Her artwork reflects her multidisciplinary and holistic approach to art in taking into consideration social, political, and cultural issues and, in particular, the question of gender inequality in Japan. Yukiko is described as a creative international visual artist that enabled her to participate in various European exhibitions including group and solo shows. She has also collaborated with performance artists who are also interested in a social, political, and cultural interpretation of modern art.

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