I’ve been at the Faslane camp for 3 years. At the time I didn't have a good relationship with my family and just wanted to get away from my home town. I was interested in protesting against nuclear power and the people here had been fighting for a long time. For me they seemed very strong.

At this camp we have to do everything by ourselves. For example making fire, building houses, organising the electronics system etc. Otherwise we could’t live here. I’m always busy but I am satisfied living my own life. Sometimes we do a workshop with children. At the workshop, we teach how to make a fire, chop wood and about nuclear power. Teaching something so meaningful gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

I would be you, you would be me.

2015  Photography and Text

I was training as a beauty therapist a long time ago, and then went to Art school. Whilst there, I studied a lot of things, like permaculture, and organic, growing buildings. So, my educational background is not so bad.

After my education, I got pregnant, but the situation was really difficult due to domestic violence. I lost my child and home. But a couple years ago, I got a child and was employed. It was nice, but I became a sick, because I found the job was really stressful. I am 32 years old, but I don’t understand why my body is being so difficult. But I would like to say one of the reasons for that is, this kind of small island. They are producing force production to make a money for a military. It’s not helping for the citizens. That’s why our personal lives are difficult. 

One day, one thought came into my mind, that is “I would like to find myself.” This is why I came to the Camp. My friends introduced me to the Camp, I could rely on Faslane when I was a teenager. Here, I find huge energy that I’ve never had anywhere else. It is kind of addictive. And more, the people who live here have various advantages and talents. That makes me also stay here.

In fact, I do not feel comfortable to live in a city and home. I prefer to live in camp or nature like in forest. It’s just the kind of my lifestyle. And also, I was interested in how the people protest against nuclear power in this camp. I just wanted to help them. And more, it is also cozy for me that everybody can come here and leave however they want. My dad told me about this camp, because he stayed here couple of months a long time ago. He was a punk when he was young, but now, he is  a gas engineer. My mam is a nurse, and sometimes she visits this camp, and brings some stuff for us.

I have a twin sister, but she stays in a city, probably it doesn’t matter to her.

I don’t know about the next few month, where I would be. I graduated from skills, and went to collage and did a practical work in Glasgow.So, I am still studying right now, maybe I will start to look for a University which I can enter next year or sometime.

I just was interested in the people who are protesting against submarines which have nuclear power. I heard that they are living in a camp that has been existing for over 30 years. To me, the situation seems similar to the Japanese situation since 2011. This is why, I was very curious what makes them keep protesting against a huge system for such a long time.

After the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, some Japanese people have also been fighting against nuclear power, but we still have it in Japan. And worst of all, the Japanese government is making a profit by exporting its knowledge of nuclear power to other countries around the world. 5 years have already passed, but their interests still haven’t changed. It makes me really disappointed and angry. It’s a sufficient reason not to go back to Japan.

When I was around 16 years old, my home town planed to build a bypass. Some inhabitants protested against it, and I also did.

However, the evil plane went on. I hated an environment of my hometown at that time, so, I moved out from my house, and I still have been on the way of my trip.

Basically, I hate the police, because they are always distorted by using violence and power. It is always unilateral. They cannot judge us, because I do not believe them.  I believe only in nature, for example flowers, stones, rivers and so on. They do not lie, they each have a God. So, I believe only in them.

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I would be you, you would be me. (2015)

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