2015  Performance , 15 minutes on average , Pinhole camera

An example of the positive photograph.

An example of the object which a sitter gave me.

Pinhole camera


1:    I take a portraits of the people who participate in this performance as a sitters with a pinhole       

       camera. It takes 10 min on average. Before the photo shoot, the sitter has to sign an agreement    

        for the shooting.

        * The contents of the agreement can be found in the following.

2:    Viewers can observe the process of the photo shoot. At the same time, I relay the image of the    

       viewers looking at the photo shoot to the viewers themselves with the video camera.

3:    During the performance, I read out an article from a newspaper. After the reading, I tear the    

       article into pieces and throw them away.

4:    After the shooting, I take a portrait of the sitter with an i-phone.

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